10 best Mouth watering recipes on this HOLI

Pink hands, green cheeks, red forehead, yellow nose, if it weren’t for this particular day, the sight of this human may have roused doubts of him belonging to this at all! But , Holi is one such day. We love this festival. Not only for the bevy of colours, we love to be immersed with but also for the mouth-watering delicacies unique to this occasion. Sling bags filled with frisky colors, water guns loaded with mischief, vibrant spirits, old-new songs, plates piled with festive goodies and the blossoming spring breeze – Ah, we love Holi! This is how we have been celebrating the festival of colours all this while, yet every year, there is a ballooned enthusiasm to get drenched in coloured water and devour some of the most mouth-watering delicacies.

On the mythological grounds, the word “Holi” sprouted from the word “Holika”, who was the evil sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. A bonfire is lit on the eve of Holi, signifying the Holika Dahan and that’s when the celebrations begin.

Different regions celebrate this festival of colours in their own way. In Mathura, the festivities may last more than week. It is known as the ‘lath mar Holi’, where women beat men with sticks and sing songs. In South India, some worship and make offerings to Kaamadeva, the love god of Indian mythology. In West Bengal region, Holi is known as the “Swing Festival” and  icons of Krishna and Radha are placed and worshiped.

So, while you prepare yourself to enjoy this festival with gulaal, water guns, endless singing and dancing- take a note of these Holi delicacies to make the festival even more special. Talk about Holi celebrations and we can think of sweet gujiyas, crisp papads, masala kachoris and a lot more. Food is integral to every festival in India. It is the perfect time to throw yourself to the festive zeal with playful moments and adoring meals. This Holi, eat to your heart’s content! Whether it’s an intimate affair or an elaborate gala, we’ve got you covered. Lay out an impressive spread with our favourite Holi recipes.

  1. Gujiyas

Look what we have here – the star sweet of Holi! Native to Rajasthan, gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a delightful khoya and dry fruits mixture. The festive favourite in three different avatars –

Baked Gujiya

User Recipe by Sayantika Roy

The casing is made with whole wheat and semolina(suji) instead of refined flour (maida). It is then stuffed with nuts, baked perfect and dipped in honey. This recipe is a dream come true for all the health fanatics.

Chocolate Gujiya

Recipe by Chef Savio, JW Marriott

Fusion is the flavour of the season! Make this gujiyas stuffed with mava and chocolate chips. Garnish with cream and chocolate sauce.

Coconut Gujiya

Recipe by Marut Sikka

Pockets made with all purpose flour are stuffed with khoya, nuts and tender coconut flakes. These are fried and dipped in sugar syrup. (Recipe Video)


Recipe by Chef Marut Sikka

Malpua is a traditional sweet of north India, it is a pancake like Indian dessert, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. From the traditional recipe to one with a healthy ingredients, we have it all!

Here are some healthy alternatives –

Paneer Malpua

Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

This version is made with cottage cheese and khoya. Add some kesar (saffron) for the lovely aroma and flavour.

Ragi Malpua

Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra

This one is made with ragi flour, whole wheat and oats. All the big flavours, minus the guilt.

3.Bhaang ki Pakori

Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

Bhaang is a popular intoxicating drink prepared during the festival of Holi. According to legend, bhaang is considered to be an auspicious drink which was consumed by Lord Shiva. Give your Holi soiree an extra kick with these high spirited treats.

Bhaang ki Chutney

Recipe by Chef Adhikari, Manu Maharani Hotel, Uttaranchal

Serve them with a home-made bhaang ki chutney to give an extra kick.

  1. Thandai

Recipe by Roopa Gulati

A popular Holi staple – thandai! It is a fennel-fragrant concoction that has a natural cooling effect on the body.  Welcome your guests to aroma of this traditional blend. You can make it before, store and serve whenever.

  1. Gol Gappe / Paani Puri

Recipe by NiruGupta

Why hit the street food stalls when you make these at home? From freshly made gol gappe to paani to crisp pooris, we give you all the recipes that you need.

  1. Dal Kachori

Recipe by Niru Gupta

One of the most popular snacks in North India. One bite and you’ll know why! Stuffed with arhar dal, spices and fried crisp, this is one snack that you can’t resist.

  1. Paapri Chaat & Dahi Bhalla

Recipe by Chef Marut Sikka

Marut Sikka learns the art of cooking street food from Anil Kudamal from Old Delhi. Enjoy crisp paapris and soft, spongy bhallas in the comfort of your homes.

  1. Masala Channa with Baked Kachori

Recipe by Chef Gujan Goela

A plateful of spicy and tempting channas served with baked kachoris. No one gets to complain!

  1. Apple Kheer

Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

Your favourite Indian dessert gets a fruity makeover! With red grapes, apples and cinnamon  – it’s time to deviate from the obvious.

  1. Almond Malai Kulfi

Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

A rich, creamy concoction made with condensed milk, cream, dry fruits and saffron.


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