​​​​​​Togofogo Introduces ‘Sell Your Phone’ Service on its Platform

Togofogo announces the integration of a new service on its platform- ‘Sell Your Phone’. With this, it aims to channelize the unorganized market for used phones in India.

Earlier, Togofogo only bought the used and refurbished phone from the dealer and business customers. However with this integration, any individual can sell their phone by submitting information like Model name, IMEI number, and condition of the device. It then uses Scientific Algorithms like device spin test and other functionality tests to quote the best price for the device.

Post the online evaluation, it provides pick-and-drop service at the customer’s doorstep to facilitate physical evaluation and instant sale of the device. The company provides a brilliant opportunity to encash used and old phones into new phones as the customer no longer has to search and wait for a potential buyer or settle for a price less than what the customer deserves.

Commenting on the development, Soumitra Gupta, Founder of, said, “With the launch of this service, the company becomes a one-stop-shop for its customers by providing an array of services starting from Selling pre-owned phones, quality check, certification, providing warranty, post-purchase repair-services, and now a Sell your old phone program. In this highly scattered market, Togofogo aims to create a trusted platform where customers can sell their old devices at the best possible price.”

Becoming the first company to set the edge of authentication in a highly unorganized market, has created an ecosystem where the sellers’ leverage company’s integrated logistics support to open up Pan-India Market in no time. At the same time, the buyers have a place to shop refurbished/used phones and are rest assured on the quality of the products they purchase, hence strengthening the e-commerce industry in Mobile Category in India.


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