VoxWeb Brings Its Signature ‘Voxies’ to the iMessage Platform

VoxWeb announced the launch of its new iMessage app that brings an exciting new feature for iPhone users. The new feature enables them to send ‘speaking pictures’ to each other over iMessage. Invented by VoxWeb, speaking pictures or ‘voxies’ are voice augmented images which enable users to attach an 11 second voice caption to their image-posts.

iPhone users can send voice-augmented photos through iMessage by accessing speaking-pics in the VoxWeb network directly from their iMessage conversation page. The receiver can consume the speaking-pic on his/her iMessage conversation page itself. Users can exchange voxies with their friends on iMessage by sharing them from the VoxWeb app. The receiver can enjoy the voxies right within the iMessage window itself, once they have the VoxWeb app installed on their phones.

A voxy is denoted by an orange line beneath the picture (picture attached). Once a user receives such a picture, he or she can tap on it once to listen to the linked message. This puts VoxWeb in the list of a select few social media companies like YouTube and Periscope that have developed their iMessage apps.

Yash Mishra, Founder and CEO, VoxWeb said, “With speaking pictures or voxies, we are trying to bring the excitement back to messaging. Users are bored with the usual features that every platform offers – picture and video sharing, chat, voice messages and photo filters. We are confident that iPhone users will love voxies and will use them extensively to interact with their friends.”

VoxWeb has over 1 million users on its platform currently. The company has raised more than $1 million from individual investors. Notable celebrities, like Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan, have used VoxWeb to promote their movies and connect with their fans. The ministry of AYUSH also used voxies to promote Yoga innovatively in the run-up to the International Yoga Day in 2017.

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