This baseball cap charges a phone using Solar Power

The use of solar energy might still be at a nascent stage, but that isn’t stopping prodigies and researchers from trying their hands at every-fucking-thing that’s possible with the help of it. Since time immemorial we have been bragging about the progressive vision of technology, and the latest innovations only make our hearts beam with pride. What’s more, they make our lives way more comfortable and bring us closer to luxuries that one could have hardly imagined of. Without further ado, let’s introduce another masterpiece coming straight from the fancy streets of technology – a baseball cap that can charge your phone using solar energy.

Though it will still take several years to make the use of solar power a daily affair; incorporating solar panels in wearable products, especially caps, is definitely a quirky and uber-cool innovation. These baseball hats are the brainchild of SolSol, a startup from Los Angeles, and have solar panels built on the brim of the cap. Just in case you are wondering about the benefits of owning such a cap, here’s the deal. In times of distress when you are not carrying a charger or a power bank or using a device that needs to be plugged in via USB port, this cap will be your messiah. You can charge your smartphones and tablets with the help of this cap.

However, you might initially feel a little awkward while moving around, thanks to the cable that will be hanging from your head. But, we feel one needs to get priorities straight, what’s more important – some heads turning around or Netflix. This patented gadget by SolSol can apparently charge any device at 200mAh per hour. Reportedly, they are also planning to make those fancy dad caps that every other character dons in English movies. This cap is reportedly priced at $56 (over Rs. 3,600 approx.)

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