Jugnoo supports for cleaner and greener tomorrow 

Jugnoo as a company has always aimed to make a social impact with its services and contribute to the environment it operates in. Advocating a cleaner and greener tomorrow this Earth Day,

Jugnoo urges its patrons to ditch the keys of their private vehicles, running on petrol or diesel and use CNG autos instead as it produces fewest emissions of all other fuels. CNG also reduces operating cost of the vehicle by almost 50% as compared to petrol and diesel engines.

Taking a holistic approach towards environment preservation, Jugnoo in association with Treezing, is also organizing an awareness run in Chandigarh to mark the day on April 22, 2017.

Elaborating on the impact of environmental friendly measures taken by Jugnoo, Chinmay Agarwal, Co-founder and CTO, Jugnoo said, “We have always taken immense pride in our fleet of auto rickshaws. However this Earth Day, we would like to highlight that all Jugnoo auto rickshaws run on CNG. Furthering the cause of environment preservation, we also offer ride sharing feature and have recorded around 1.5 lakh Km of distance covered via matched pool rides, saving 6521.739 liters of fuel per year. We are constantly striving to innovate ourselves and come up with features that add to our vision of contributing significantly towards the betterment of society.”

Adding insights to the awareness run program, it is a first of its kind initiative in India celebrating Earth Day, where participants can choose to run either for 2km or 5km, starting from Sukhna Lake, the race will commence at 7am. The idea is to make people socially conscious and environmentally aware. Jugnoo is also selling tee-shirts and the proceeds will be donated to Treezing for planting trees. The participants will be given certificates and geo-tracking of the tree planted for them.

Apart from its core business of auto-rickshaw aggregation, the company is also expanding across other verticals of hyper-local logistics in B2B and B2C domains with its recently launched services like Fatafat, Meals, Menus and Jugnoo Delivery.


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