GST version of QuickBooks to help small businesses to be GST-ready

Intuit QuickBooks has unveiled a Goods and Services Tax (GST) ready version of its online accounting product to help Indian businesses run their business as usual and be compliant with the new tax requirements.

QuickBooks serves the business and finance needs of small businesses and helps them be in complete control of their business 24/7 from anywhere, on a laptop or on a mobile device.

“QuickBooks is in India for India.” Customized for Indian small businesses, QuickBooks makes it easy for small businesses to track cash flow, create invoices, record expenses and auto-categorize income or expenses with the Online Bank Connect feature. Additionally, QuickBooks is designed to help businesses keep more of what they earn as they are able to match their expenses with the supplier invoices and save money with input tax credit.

GST is one of the biggest inflection points in the history of business in India. It’s expected to help ease doing business in India by simplifying taxes under its theme of “One Nation, One Tax, One Market.” GST shall enable digitization of the business workflows and more businesses will adopt automation as they are required to maintain and file all invoices generated.

Intuit launched QuickBooks in India in 2012. Known as an employer of choice, Intuit is ranked No.1 in Great Places to Work and Economic Times India’s Best Companies to Work for 2017.  The company has been working on making their software GST ready in India for over a year now and has been helping their customer get ready for GST with their unique Get-Set-Take-off (GST) Program, which is all about:

  • Get-Set – Education and Training: QuickBooks customers have been receiving regular updates via Newsletters, Facebook chats and the GST Resource Center on www.quickbooks.in. Intuit has also been providing training around GST through webinars and Facebook Chat sessions with India’s top accountants.  They have also helped guide customers to register for GST.
  • Take-off – Try and Buy: For the new customers who will be adopting digital software for the first time to run their business, QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial to new users. They do not need a credit card to try and they can cancel anytime.

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