Exuding vibrant youth: Kovaiteens

A youth hangout on the Internet, but this time it is from Coimbatore, and calls itself Kovaiteens.com. “The reason why it is called Kovaiteens.com is because we are primarily targeting the student-Internet community in Coimbatore, which is considerably large, with over 120 colleges in and around the Textile City,” says P Senthil Kumar, CEO, Palpap Inchinichi Software Ltd. Palpap has designed and hosted Kovaiteens.com on a Rs 18-20 lakh budget, in addition hosting and maintaining 14 other portals such as like plus1plus2.com, teensprapancham.com, 4freshersjobs.com etc.

Well, people from other cities need not get offended as you’re sure to find a lot of stuff in it for you too-Kovai or otherwise. Just one clause: You have to be in the ‘youth’ bracket. But I’m sure the developers of the site did take into consideration even those who may be still be ‘youth’ at heart, if not anywhere else.

Glaring out of the Kovaiteens.com homepage is the ‘Profile of the Day’ – a picture of a girl/boy with profile. Yes, Kovaiteens is the place where you can make friends. If also offers more serious options-like finding your dream spouse. The Quick Search at the site throws up candidates that suit your criteria. But for those sentimentalists who don’t mix love with technology, here’s news: Kovaiteens also hosts other stuff.

Like the Games section. There is a host of entertaining games, like the Pcman, Bugs, Ping Pong etc., that are sure to keep you pleasantly occupied. The Education and Career section provides comprehensive information on colleges, schools, universities, interview tips, skill development etc. “One of the main objectives of the site is to provide the Kovaiteens community with something useful for their career. Hence, apart for detailed information on all major educational institutions, Kovaiteens also tell you how to approach competitive exams like GRE, TOFEL,” said Senthil Kumar.

The section on Art and Culture offers pretty good content on dance, religion, music, festivals, literature, food and attire. The site also offers you Cool Links to places of entertainment, hospitals, travel, resorts and hotels etc. And if you’re in the mood for some shopping, try out the Shopping section at Kovaiteens.com, and you will know where to go for computers, automobiles, textiles, accessories, books, gifts and other hot stuff.

There’s a Kovaiteens community out there. The site offers free membership, complete with user name and password. Members are provided with some value-adds, like the e-Greets section that can be accessed only by Kovaiteen members. 
Kovaiteens.com also has some fun spots, like the Love Calculator that quickly calculates your love-chemistry cum god’s estimate. A word of caution though: don’t get depressed if you find poor scores. Remember it’s just for fun! For those who like to have their ribs tickled, there’s a jokes column too. I wonder what a Population Clock is doing at a youth portal, but anyway, it does you good to know just how many human beings are around. And ofcourse, you get the news headlines too at Kovaiteens.com.

So next time you’re biting your fingernails wondering which site to check out, don’t forget to log on to Kovaiteens.com. It’s a refreshingly well-designed site.

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