Festive sales: South gets mixed response

By Swaminathan B - 27 October, 2012

Unlike every year, the sale of the IT products around the popular festivals like ‘Ayutha Pujai' or ‘Vijaya Dasami' are yet to see the light of the day in states like Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. "By this time, people should have started purchasing. However, for unknown reasons, people have refrained themselves from purchasing. We hope that in a couple of days after people get their bonus for Diwali, the business may happen,"said K Nagendran, CEO, GBS systems and services, Chennai.

"Market people have found a dip of around 30% in the sale compared to the previous years. We are expecting a good sale in the coming days as people have to finish their shopping of home appliances and come for purchasing computers,"said R Rajkumar, CEO, Srimathi computers, Madurai, and the secretary of Computer and Media Society (CAMS), Madurai.
However, in Andhra Pradesh, the trend has been different. "Even though much sale did not happen through genuine dealers, the sale was very good and every product has reached many of the customers in this festival season," said Sandeep Choudary, CEO, Southern computers, Visakhapatnam. "Only the initial days were bad. However, the last few days, the sale was extremely good compared to the last year where at this time most of the shops were kept closed for Telangana agitations," saidVikas Hisariya, CEO, Vishal peripherals.

"In Bengaluru, the festive-time sale use to be very good and this time also, many customers purchased lot of products especially in these days. Even though there is no much difference between the sale during the last year and this year, I can see the situation growing from bad to better this year,"said AM Siddique, CEO, Computer planet, Bengaluru. "I will not say that the situation was bad. However, a considerable number of products were sold during this festival season. And people are also waiting for the Diwali offers to come so that we expect more sale during that time,"opined K Venkatesh, CEO, QDP Technologies, Mysore.

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