Confed-ITA shelves bandh plan

By Swaminathan B - 3 April, 2012

The much-awaited one-day bandh proposed by the Confederation of Information Technology Associations (Confed-ITA) during the Executive Committee meet at Kumbakonam recently against the non-participation of the vendors during the association's summit at Puducherry has been postponed without further announcing any date.

Even though there is no official communication from the association, authentic sources inside the association had revealed ‘The DQ Week' that even though 13 associations in the forum had extended their support for the bandh while few associations had opposed and few had maintained neutrality, the bandh, without announcing the date has been put off.

Talks are there that the association has decided to conduct the bandh on some other day. However, there is no official communication from the association.



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Prasad PN Sun Apr 08 at 11:09 PM

It is a great victory for democratic functioning of associations and Confed-ITA. This episode of associations opposing Confed-ITA EC decision will go a long way in ensuring that in future decisions and actions will be well debated and acceptable to all participants viz associations, ordinary members, vendors and distributors.


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