The DQ Week Exclusive : HCL to appoint national distributor for tablet range

By Avishek Rakshit - 7 March, 2012

Signalling an aggressive market expansion mode to reach out to a wider channel network for its range of tablet PCs, HCL will shortly be appointing a national distributor in the coming financial year.

However, HCL refused to name the national distributor officially.

"We will be appointing a national distributor (ND) in the coming financial quarter. However, our existing mode of distribution will remain in place, and the ND will just be an addition to the layer," said Gautam Advani, EVP, mobility, head, HCL Infosystems.

The primary reason as cited by HCL is opening the tablet market to a wider reach, and harnessing the same.

"The tablet market was a niche, initially limited to selected buyers. However, we are noticing greater traction in the market with tablet prices falling and the very traction needs a revised channel structure in place," Advani added while reasoning for the need for a ND.



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Avishek Tue Mar 20 at 11:18 PM

Dear Mr. Verma, HCL has not officially clarified its stand, but they have said that the ND will only be an addition to their existing channel layer. The company is expected to declare the new channel framework by the end of Q1 FY12-13. As soon as we have more details, we will let you and our readers know about the same. Avishek, Sr. Asst. Editor, The DQ Week


Amit Verma Tue Mar 20 at 12:38 PM

I hope the ND will not bill us directly? Can you check the pattern it is going to be?


Raviranjan Shukla Thu Mar 15 at 01:54 PM

Dear Sir, What will happen to the sub distributors? Will the national disti bill directly to the SDs now?


Avishek Tue Mar 20 at 11:20 PM

Dear Mr. Shukla, Thanks for reaching to us with your query. Please refer to the response given to Mr. Verma for your question. Do keep checking our website for more updates. Avishek, Sr. Asst. Editor, The DQ Week

Comments 1 - 3 of 3


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