Dell to respond to ADCTA in a week

By Sandhya Malhotra - 2 March, 2012

Dell India is in the process of drafting a detailed response to the ADCTA letter and will revert with the response within the next one week. In response to the letter sent to Dell India, by all Delhi computer trader association, dated February 24 2012, Mahesh Bhalla, executive director and GM, CSMB Dell India has sent a written letter to the association seeking one weeks time to reply.

A copy of the letter is with The DQWeek. According to the letter, Dell India will revert to the association by March 7. Bhalla in his letter stated, "We (Dell India) are in the process of drafting a detailed response to the same. We will revert with the response within the next one week."

Speaking to The DQWeek Mahinder Aggarwal, president ADCTA said, "Further to the ongoing restrictions on importing Dell laptops in India, our association had written a letter to Bhalla on behalf of the traders of computer market and requested to consider withdrawing the notice submitted to the custom department and seek verification on several grounds."

In ADCTA's letter to Dell, the association raised questions like-Why Dell India want to stop parallel import whereas Government of India encourage parallel import?, On what grounds Dell India feels that the company has rights to restrict parallel import? and asked for copies of all documents submitted to the custom department pertaining to infringement of rights of Dell India.

Aggarwal also asserted, "If Dell gives us satisfactory response to our raised issues and gives valid proof against parallel import, then we assure Dell that we will join hands with them against parallel importers."


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Dr Kishan Khurana Sat Mar 03 at 08:25 AM

This is very immature. Never seen such thing in any industry where a company like Dell has to use muscle to twist things in their favor so that they continue to loot people in India...Where is american's Business Contact Policy these days. They seem to be doing fair practices everywhere other than India. Now Americans will right customs & excise laws in India and also use all means (may be unfair) to misuse them in their favor.


Rajan Fri Mar 02 at 10:26 PM

Does it mean Dell has sent out Circulars without having knowing details about what it is writing and now is seeking time from ADCTA to reply to their letter as to why they have sent letters to customs and other authorities


Comments 1 - 2 of 2


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