Kerala: Asus in ICU?

By Swaminathan B - 16 October, 2012

The situation is getting tough for Asus in God's own country, Kerela. The vendor is repeatedly facing issues from all sides of the walls, with many partners peeved with the service provided by Asus in Kerala. The vendor has not just gained the enmity of a few partners, but even the associations.

The Computers Dealers Association of Trivandrum had recently called for a meeting with all the distributors where the service issues of Asus were raised. G Gokul, president; SK Harikumar, secretary of the association, along with other members participated in the meeting held at Trivandrum. Various issues of Asus in terms of service, replacement, etc, were taken into consideration and the meeting was conducted as an initiative to improve the service. "The dealers are most affected by Asus as they have to sell a huge volume of motherboards on a very less margin of Rs 10 or 15. However, Asus is not realizing the pain of the end dealer," said Harikumar.

All Kerala Information Technology Dealers Association (AKITDA) has given a final warning to the vendor. "This issue has been for a long time; however, there has been no response from the vendor so far. Recently, we had a meeting with the top officials of Asus and we have been assured of service centers in 16 locations across the state," said Suresh Babu, state president, AKITDA.

It is learned that Asus has asked for time till October 20 for sorting this issue on a permanent basis. "We are waiting for Asus to sort this issue. If they fail to do so, we will definitely ban the product," Babu concluded.



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vinod singla Sat Dec 21 at 01:12 PM

respected sir in breif i awant to aware u, laptop sales team of punjab is selling the material with wrong commitments & i have get maximum loss in ur product & now they have not ready to listen my problem. so plz check the matter & do needful favour thanks vinod singla avion technologies bathinda mob. : 9814650760


ashiq raidium Wed Oct 17 at 02:56 PM

...... few sellers are saying that they sells asus boards for a mere margin of Rs.10.-15. There is no need to sell anything to any one by a seller if it makes them nothing !!!! what can a person get by selling with a Rs.15-20 per boards. If they wish to sell these boards contact the Asus india team or the association and discuss the issue with them and make them to raise the margins w/o increasing product prices.As all knows any company never sells anything w/o thier fair margins. Else those dealer can start selling (and promote) any other brands as there were more than 10+ board vendors are in India, and can select few brands if he finds that thier dealer margin,product quality/reliability,post & in warranty support etc are upto the mark. Dealers can convince thier customer's about thier products quality in terms of in & post warranty terms,mechanisms etc so on a overall basis those dealers business will increase with repeated orders and there is no need to promote any brand even if they were of top makers!!!!. There is no need to sell BMWs here for just Rs.10 dealer margin or an Puma pair shoes for Rs.5 margin. Can sell those with these margins if your sale crosses 10,000 units/day !!!!!!!


ashiq raidium kerala Wed Oct 17 at 01:20 AM

yes, the support issues & availability proper spares from the ASUS's asp's (all asus asps in kerala)is a long pending story since its inception in Kerala. The Asus support technician's at all stations are still not upto the mark (or not trained by asus), even they dont have any prorper mainboard/vga testings jigs, not having original spares and so on. The high volume sales of asus and also high" inwards" for service makes them again in trouble. Even they recalled the instant swap warranty policy in India too. Asus is a company that makes finest high performance products from boards to laps,but thier after sale support (both repairs & help)mechanism always fails every time,What they can do (via ASUS india staff, and not via ASP) is to make highly trained technicians with great support (or they have to stock all products in excess for swap warranty's),with enough spares backup, online RMA mechanism with proper live updates etc. Else the dealer will loose thier customer and the customer will divorce asus for ever. Else the ASUS name will be changes as :' ASUS NO SERVICE"


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