Much Ado About Obama

By Rajneesh De - 16 November, 2012

"Baach gaye re Obama", last heard that was the title for the movie being planned by the producers who made the earlier movie "Phaans Gaye Re Obama". Going by the apparent 'Romney-wave' created by the media during the campaign, that seems to be the general impression even though Obama won fairly comfortably to be elected as US President for one more term.

After the continuous build-up to the campaign and the worldwide interest evinced during the counting of the results, what really amuses me is the interpretation by different stakeholders of the impact of Obama's second incumbency. Especially, how the Indian IT media is going head over heels analyzing the impact of Obama's presidency on Indian IT. And What If Romney was....
What seriously amuses me is to think that Indian IT honchos seriously believe these regular anti-outsourcing rhetoric that always come up before elections. And whether they really believe that Obama or Romney becoming president would at all impact the outsourcing brigade. There is little chances of these rhetorics again coming to the surface before 2016 when two new entities will again clash for the tenancy of the White House.

Notwithstanding isolated instances like General Motors going for in-sourcing, the dynamics of off-shore outsourcing to India will ensure its uninterrupted continuation irrespective of the political regime or President who is in incumbency. So, these views of some IT heads that Romney might have been a better option for Indian IT services companies do not carry much water. There is little or no possibility of Obama disturbing the fragile economic dynamics of Uncle Sam, now that he is firmly ensconced for a second term.

What might be a slightly more cause of worry is the Democrat regime's aim to put a cap on H1B visas and also to increase the fees of working visas in the US. But then again, the current political and economic situation in America would have dictated that Romney too would not have done something drastically different on this front. Going by the proliferation of H1B during Bush Jr's regime, it would be a fallacy to think that it would have been a Republican norm even in 2013.

Apart from outsourcing, let's not delude ourselves in thinking that Romney would have been a bitter foe of China and going by the logic of your enemy's enemy being your friend, therefore a great friend of India. My question to to all those thinking in these lines-since Reagan in the mid-80s, which US President has openly taken on China? And notwithstanding Romney's anti-China stance during campaigning do they seriously think him to put his words into practice against a country to whom more than half your wealth is mortgaged. So, US might do high posturing against the likes of Huawei and ZTE, but they would not go the full measure to antagonize China.

Bottomline: Obama or Romney, Indian IT should focus on maintaining and delivering the economic advantages for its US outsourcing constituent. All this brouhaha about the Obama impact, is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.


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