Massive fraud hits Jammu dealers

By Sandhya Malhotra - 14 November, 2012

A massive fraud case to the tune of Rs 1 crore has hit the Jammu IT traders. This time an old IT reseller, Globus Technologies is the culprit. The alleged Tarun Gupta, proprietor of Globus Technologies has been absconding from the last 7 days from Jammu. He has reportedly duped around 12 IT dealers from Jammu, and close to 200 end-customers in the name of personal loan.

As per Police records, Gupta's wife Neena Gupta has lodged a missing report of his husband at Gandhi Nagar Police Station. But at the same time a case of 420 has been filed by Gandhi Nagar Police against both Tarun Gupta and Neena Gupa for duping the money of working as well non-working personals in Police and other departments in the name of getting them personal loan from bank.

Acting promptly, the Jammu Computer Dealers Association (JCDA) has issued an alert against Gupta vanishing from the market with huge liabilities towards many of its members. "We have received calls from many members whose money has been duped by Gupta. We have already met Jammu SSP Crime in this regard for further course of action," informed, Arvind Koul, president, JCDA.

The association is waiting for more duped parties to come forward. JCDA is going to register an FIR with local Police as well with the Crime Branch Jammu so that this person can be apprehended at the earliest to avoid any further loses to Jammu IT industry and any other industry of any other state.

Some of the duped parties from Jammu are Amtrak Technologies, Aman Technologies, Balaji Traders, AGM Sales, Microcomp Systems, S&S and many others.

Speaking to The DQ Week, Vikas Sharma, owner, Amtrak Technologies, who has been duped by Gupta said, "As per the information collected from our fellow IT dealers in Jammu, there are many duped partners and I am one of them. Gupta had taken laptops, desktops material on credit and till date we have to recover multi lakh rupees from him. The last billing, which we did with Gupta was 5 months back under the TIN No of Kohinoor Traders, Shastri Nagar which is in the name of his wife, Neena Gupta."

Sharma continued, "Tarun Gupta used to transfer the amount into our official bank account of J&K Bank of Gandhi Nagar branch and Sidhra Branch but as per the last input Neena Gupta, proprietor of Kohinoor Traders who was running the show along with her husband has closed down this account. This is the only account from where they together have managed to dupe people by luring them to arrange for personal loans for providing them laptops/desktops/mobile sets and LCD/LED TV's which they never got till his last date in Jammu IT Industry."

He also added, "The last communication with Gupta happened on November 6, since then his phone has been switched off, and even we have been to his resident and office, but we found from their family members that he is missing."

As per the sources, the scale of fraud could be much higher. Since Gupta has not only duped IT people or common man, but at the same time banks too as he has a liability of more than Rs 13 lakh or so on J&K Bank Gangyal Branch, and old outstanding of lakhs in his and his wife's name, which they are libel to pay back to STPI Park Bharibramhana. Apart from Jammu IT dealers, Gupta has also duped Sony TV seller of Jammu and few IT dealers in Chandigarh.

Along with the association, the duped parties want both the Tarun and Neena Gupta to be exposed in the open and bring them into the notice of Law, so that they can be punished for their deeds.


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sventerprises Thu Nov 15 at 11:43 AM

how come nobody came to knew earlier, it is not an overnight matter, where were all the dealers, resellers, disties, and the Jammu association. If it had taken steps earlier the loss to the dealers could have atleast minimised.As said by Rajeev 0% vat can be one of the reason. The missing report seems ubsurd and hope the police takes appropriate action.


RAJEEV Thu Nov 15 at 11:12 AM

more to come in jammu becuase vat is 0% so all over india is looking at jammu.


Comments 1 - 2 of 2


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