Accel Frontline fails to support Shimla partner

By Sandhya Malhotra - 5 November, 2012

Shimla based Eline, an authorized business provider for brands like Beetel, APC, Dell, Creative, Intel, D-link, Seagate and Logitech has been facing severe service and delayed payment related issues due to Accel Frontline, a third party Chennai based service provider for Dell and Beetel mobile phones in Shimla.

According to Jayant K Upadhyay, owner of Eline, "Accel Frontline is a defaulter in providing services. We have been appointed by Accel Frontline 2 years back, as their service partner and collection point center in Shimla and its surroundings. We have been updating the CRM and following the procedures as per Accel's term. Customer give their faulty Dell and Beetel mobiles to our company, for which we replace it after receiving the same from Accel Frontline. But for the last 6 months, Accel Frontline has stopped providing any kind of support on spare parts, as a result, our relationship with the end customer has started getting sour, as the replacement and repair rate has gone up for more than 3 months. Moreover, Accel takes security money from service partners and does not clear our dues on time."

He continued, "Since Accel Frontline is not responding to our services. We have stopped offering services to new customers on Dell and Beetel mobile phones, but we don't know, what to do with the 27 customer cases, which have been pending for almost 3 months. Despite our regular reminders and mailers, we have not got any revert; neither from Accel Frontline nor from Dell team. We are not sure whether Dell is not providing the spare parts or Accel is not supplying to us?"

Even, Eline has stopped its Dell mobile services with immediate effect. He requested all the service providers, who are associated with Accel Frontline (be it SeagateHDD, HCL laptops, mobiles, etc) and are facing the same problem to unite and demand their dues from Accel.

"Because of the growing problems customers are coming to our office with policemen for servicing Dell mobiles. These cases are pending for more than a month and customer are demanding their mobiles back and we are not getting proper answer from Dell team. Infact, we want Accel to arrange a pickup for faulty parts as we will not courier the faulty products which are ready for dispatch since 2 months. Moreover we want to settle our previous accounts and clear payment of Rs 66,716.00," explained Upadhyay.

The dealer has sought to get legal help and is asking Shimla IT association's intervention to resolve the matter.

ramalingam-1When The DQ Week, contacted Accel Frontline regarding Eline issue, A Ramalingam commented, "ELINE was our ASP, but it is almost non-functional for the past 2 months and stopped working without any prior intimation to us. His pending as on date is 20. Materials have been arranged for 12 calls and remaining 8 will be cleared within a week to 10 days time. The delay in supply of materials is due to non-availability at Dell side. Meanwhile, we are working closely with Dell to get all pending resolved within a stipulated time frame. As per today our system and data base the total pending claim with Accel is Rs 55,819.49 and Accel has to recover Rs 46,208.75 from ELINE. So after adjusting the payment Accel has to pay Rs 9,610.74 only to the Eline."

He further highlighted, "Out of the total bills payable of Rs 55,819.49, still we had not received Rs 5,867.49 claim invoices from Eline. We request Eline to send all pending claim invoices to our Chennai head-office. Other than the above, we need to pay 7,500 to the partner from the deposit we collected while appointing him. A total of 17,110.74 is due to him not Rs 66,000 as per Eline." "Besides paying him. Eline has to return lots of materials including high value Dell mobile with an approximate costing the total value would work out to be 4 lakh rupees to us," added Ramlingam.

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