Bathinda: A new IT destination in Punjab

By Sandhya Malhotra - 2 November, 2012

Bathinda has emerged as a preferred destination for investment in the field of information technology owing to its strong telecom infrastructure, IT-compatible power policy, a spotless labor history and above all the quality of life in state.

Bathinda Computer Professional Association (BCPA ) is the fastest emerging IT association in Punjab. This association is a registered association of computer dealers of Bathinda. It was founded in the year 2001 and was registered with the Registrar of Societies in the year 2010. Over the years, the Bathinda market has grown by leaps and bounds.

With the cooperation of BCPA, many IT companies have held training sessions and meetings at Bathinda, although, the major IT needs are fulfilled by the neighboring tier-1 and 2 cities like Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Chandigarh.

Speaking on the potential of the market, Varinder K Bansal, president, BCPA and owner of Mascot Enterprises said, "In the last 3 years, the market potential has been improving with large refining companies entering the city, which has given several potential for the local IT partners to provide services locally. As of now, SOHO, army, and SMB are the major IT buyers. Seeing the expansion, major national distributors and vendors have started setting up their service support locally."

Compuage will be setting up its service center shortly in the city as well. The market promises sales of 1,000 units of PC market in a month, with brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo holding the major market share.

Recently, BCPA conducted its general house meeting. The main agenda of this meet was to make the dealers aware and stop Windows piracy. All the speakers emphasized on selling original Windows or Linux operating system as operating system.

With all the current business opportunity, Bathinda partners are keeping low hopes with this Diwali, Unlike every year, the sale of the IT products around the popular festival 'Vijaya Dasami' was quite disheartening. "By this time, people should have started purchasing. However, for unknown reasons, people have refrained themselves from purchasing. However, we are hoping that a couple of days before Diwali, the market will bounce back," concluded Bansal.

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