Asus to beef up in South, responds for the issues in Kerala

By Swaminathan B - 20 November, 2012

The DQ Week had reported on the warranty issues of Asus motherboards in Kerala and replacement issues in some parts of Tamil NaduVinay Shetty, Country Head, Component Business, Asus India, tells B Swaminathan the reasons for the delay along with his new assurances and promises.


1. Overall, there are service-related issues for Asus. It is good that you are making corrective measures. What are the further more new plans in service?

The gap or delay was created because earlier we had two ASPs (Rashi and Digicomp) and we added a 3rd one recently (Digicare). We are currently in a transition phase of load sharing which had caused some delays in Kerala. There was also an inflow of cases from north Kerala mainly Calicut and Thrissur to Kochi causing a pile up of cases at Kochi. We've planned to set up service centers in these locations in the future. We're also working out the transfer of buffer to fulfill the gaps and this is just a transitional phase. Corrective actions have been taken in the backend but its implementation will take a while. Commitment to service has always been our focus and that has not changed.


2. What are the various measures taken so as to make the service good?

We've identified these cases as training issues with some engineers and have currently charting a schedule of regular trainings to engineers and increased the level of QC for customers to verify their SKUs.


3. Any steps taken to avoid such situations that happened in Kerala ?

Optimization of all ASPs is the key to reduce these complaints and gaps. Adding new ASP is for the convenience of partners and to reach more locations. We just want to ensure the TAT (turn-around-time) is controlled and we reach deeper and farther with our service network. We're currently in this transition period and these issues will be taken care of as the process streamlines in due time.


4. Your assurances to the partners in South?

We accept there have been delays in sorting out some pending cases causing a lot of pain and grievance to our partners. Our fundamentals have always been customer satisfaction and quality and service and we are committed to deliver best products and accepted norms of TAT to our partners throughout the country.I would request our partners in Kerala to have faith that we won't let them down and will have this matter sorted at the earliest. Our attention is now focused on Kerala and sorting these issues out is on our top priority. Our GM for service is directly looking into it with special attention from our MD for clear guidelines on this.


5. Your products are liked more by the college students because of the brand's multi-tasking and affordable rates. Any special plans for promoting your products that particular segment in the coming days?

We regularly participate in college festivals and are also actively involved on social media. Innovative products which are attention grabbers naturally get the new generation interested and tech enthusiasts usually keep themselves aware about them as they want to be the first to have a hands-on experience. We promote our products to them through these mediums.



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rohan Tue Nov 27 at 12:04 PM

Dear Partners, We're working on having all your issues resolved. If you have any specific / pending cases that you feel have not been resolved satisfactorily, we request you to mail us the details on and we'll be more than happy to solve your problems promptly. Hoping for your co-operation on the same as it will help us to further target specific cases with special attention.


B Swaminathan Tue Nov 27 at 10:06 AM

Yes. Hope Asus will respond for your queries.


ashiq raidium Mon Nov 26 at 09:33 PM

if promises are not fulfilled by any vendor towards dealers or end users, its better to switch to another brands as now there are brands which offers more support that asus.Selling with just profit is not a reason.Good dealer margin ,great customer satisfaction, outstanding in warranty support (and also out warranty to an extent) etc to be also considered.If the deale switches to another brand and later on a large scale Asus India will soon concider new warranty support options as their sales declines on a drastic scale else these "gimmicks" will continue as long as their sale slab is not get affected.!!!! its a true market scenario.


biju Sat Nov 24 at 12:31 PM

During 2011 june to December asus motherboards were taking 2-3 months repair time and the same thing is happening in 2012 also. I would like to know why you people have not learned from your mistakes happened in 2011 and repeating the same service issue in 2012 also. Asus new service centres are merely pick-up point and have no service facilities at all.


Biju Wed Nov 21 at 08:00 PM

good interview DQ week. Please report more on such issues.


B Swaminathan Wed Nov 21 at 07:58 PM

Thank you Mr.Anil. Let us see how the Asus responds for your comments


Anil Wed Nov 21 at 06:35 PM

I think this will never solved out. This type promises will continue... Now 3rd service center is started in our city. That is the worlds all brands warranty and out of warranty service center (eg. Intel, Digilite, Digisol, Gigabyte, MSI, Kingston, Storntium etc.. and now great Asus). Only two persons are sitting and collecting all these brands warranty motherboards and out of warranty motherboards. These type service center will not make any miracle on the service section. Asus will continue the same problem.


Comments 1 - 7 of 7


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