Top Ten Holiday Destinations this New Year

By Nivedan Prakash - 30 November, 2012

How about Leh to Rio this New Year?

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The DQ Week surveyed around 200 partners across the country and asked them about their favorite holiday destinations in the country for celebrating New Year. The top destinations that have emerged as a result are:




This beautiful hill station is nestled in the Indus Valley. The dusty mountain ranges, which cradles this hill station in its arms, form a picturesque view. The place is full of scenic beauty and you can just jostle around on the main street during this season, as you'll find the locals selling tea, gorgeous woolen attires and semi-precious stones.


Leh gets its distinctive appeal from the dusty narrow winding by-lanes and main street going by the dusty mountainsides, as the whole town takes you back in time. There's an old palace perched on the hilltop guarding the roof houses as well as the main market or bazaar of Leh. The Leh Palace is the most prominent structure in the area and the entire city of Leh, it seems, sprouts from this ruined Tibetan styled palace. Moreover, the city runs north narrowing into eroded snow-capped peaks. Rock and snow - covers most of its geology. It is the perfect way to bask in the glory of the Himalayan nature.



There is nothing like spending a romantic vacation with someone special in the midst of snow. Shimla is a quintessential winter holiday destination in India. The colonial character, snow clad peaks and easy accessibility makes it a must visit place this season. Known as 'Queen of Hill Stations', this erstwhile summer capital of the British features dense woodlands, apple orchards, and beautiful landscapes.


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