Know how Dell, iBall make partners happy

After the implementation of GST, where partners were facing the issues of their old stock, now laptop and Desktop manufacturer giant Dell and iBall has started giving concessions to channel partners on their old stock.

Channel partners have their old stock with 5% VAT on which they were facing 7.4% hit as per the new GST rates.  Dell and I- Ball has started giving concession of 7.1% on their stock billed before June 30th. However, as per the partner, no other vendor has this scheme for channel partners for their old stock.

Mukesh Agarawal, Director, BM Computers said, “Partners were upset about their old stock where they were facing loss of 7.4% on their old stock. Vendor like Dell and I-Ball has now giving concession on old stock which is good for partner for some recovery on their losses.”

Highlighting some other issues after GST, it has been noticed that computers and computer related parts has been kept under the different tax slabs. On one hand, Desktops and simple printers has 18% GST on the other hand, computer monitors and multifunctional printers has 28% GST.

“When a customer walks in to purchase a personal computer, partners have to file two separate bills. That is creating a problem for partners to explain customers about separate billing. Customer demands single bill with 18% GST. That is creating confusion amongst buyer and seller”, Mukesh added.

However, channel partners have started installing business software avoiding handmade bills to avoid future audit hassle.



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