Autodesk aims No Piracy with new subscription offerings

Autodesk, the American multinational software corporation recently offered an annual subscription up to 25% off on their 35th anniversary of making things. Now back with the bang Autodesk announces a great increase post subscription offerings in subscribers.

Alok Sharma, Channel head, Autodesk, India told The DQ Week , “ Since the discounts have been announced, we have registered hype in number of subscribers, resulting reduction of piracy and hoping no piracy at all. Autodesk is currently focusing on ‘Maintanace for subscription’, With a maintenance plan, the customer can  have instant access to the latest product releases and enhancements, can Stay current on the latest software and learning materials rather than waiting for major release and can also Update software right away, or choose a time that is preferred”.

For Autodesk products worldwide, the current subscription offerings allow customers to access multiple products and to share licenses just as customers could with perpetual licensing.

Why Autodesk made these changes

The way Autodesk design and build is changing rapidly, which also changes the tools used and the ways companies and individuals buy and access software. By subscribing, customers receive a simplified customer experience, enjoy lower upfront cost, and have the ability to pay for Autodesk products and cloud services for the amount of time that is right for customers: monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year term lengths (availability may vary depending on region or access type).

The subscription makes it easier to access the software and stay up-to-date. Customers will be able to subscribe to an individual product or a collection of products that can be used by a single-user or shared by multiple users. Providing subscription offerings with flexible packaging and licensing options protects the value of customer’s existing investment in autodesk technologies.

Autodesk has also recently announced the latest version of its flagship Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software, AutoCAD 2018.


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