ASIRT educates members about software piracy

The last ASIRT Techday of 2015 brought together India’s best system integrators, solution providers and retailers with multinationals like Dell, Ricoh and Enjay IT Solutions.  Evolve session, the CEO coaching session was conducted by ace lawyer Ameet Mehta, managing partner of law firm Solicis Lex. An alumni of London Business School, a US parliament congressional awardee, an engineer and MBA in finance and law, Ameet wowed the august gathering avowing them with section 138 of Indian law that relates to cheque bouncing, the tricks fraudsters play to commit financial irregularities and rob not only IT industry resellers but also brought a great understanding of how to spot these and precautions to avoid falling prey to them.

Speaking about latest threat of software piracy and pornography at work and the legal implications of these not only for the indulgent employees and businesses, but also system integrators, Mehta answered innumerable queries on extortion racket rampant in Mumbai of so called raid that is illegal in nature and without the knowledge of vendors. Mehta explained in detail how ASIRTers can counter such imposters and insulate themselves and their customers against these unlawful activities.

Dell showcased their entire commercial product range and how members can position these along with complete range of solutions Dell offers to its partners in India along with the Dell corporate strategy. One key takeaway was that Dell went private again as a harbinger of their renewed push to deliver the best technologies to the world through the ecosystem of system integrator partners.

Ricoh introduced themselves and the large format printers. Most IT resellers know of Ricoh to be a printer and projector company; not so. Ricoh team that specially flew in from across the country brought a deeper understanding of a whole range of products Ricoh brings, what was astounding for the members though, was the technology integration services that Ricoh offers.

Limesh Parekh of Enjay IT solutions Ltd spoke on Enjay’s CRM solution, cloud telephony, Tally on cloud and Tiguin Operating System, an open source OS that runs businesses on open source technology at a fraction of cost and on frugal hardware. Parekh also demonstrated customized, straight out of the cloud CRM, telephony and mobile app for system integrators to manage their services and sales better, and also keep a track of costs, resource utilization and profitability and improve service delivery while saving time and saving from stress.



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